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TED Women’s Lunch: Blue Man Group Movie

At lunch just now I met the producers of the upcoming Blue Man Group 3-D IMAX movie. They have just finished the script (it’s an original production, not a documentary or a video of an existing show) and are interviewing directors, but they don’t event plan to start shooting till next January, so there’s going to be a lot of down time before the final product.

Since the Blue Man Group is such a beloved known quantity, and since they are releasing the film in such a premium format, I don’t see how they couldn’t benefit from building anticipation on the web by hiring an embedded videoblogger-type person to give people a peek behind the scenes as things develop.

I went into my pet theory of how one of the greatest powers of the web is harnessing and rewarding obsessive fans and they at least smiled along like it was a good idea.

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