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TED Session 3: Saul Griffith, Seth Godin…

The theme is RECONNECT.

1. Saul Griffith

Kites — every child’s favorite plaything –have a magnificent future. Wind is second-largest renewable resource after solar. Kite powered by robot can power five U.S. households — sustained long-duration flight. Working towards megawatt machines — paper plane enough to power cell phone, and it goes from there. Within two years hundreds of kilowatts of machines in the sky.

2. Seth Godin, marketer and author

What is your profession? Story of dogcatcher who instituted no-kill shelters. Cheaper labor and faster machines — we’re running out of both.

Tribes are about lading and connecting people and ideas. It’s what people have wanted forever. You can tell when people are part of a tribe. Ideas become movements. The Beatles did not invent teenagers, they simply decided to move them. Being a leader gives you charisma. What I want you to do – it only takes 24 hours — is create a movement.

3. Jake Eberts, movie producer

Information about what’s happening to our world doesn’t always provoke emotional connection to actually make a change. Filmmakers can do that. Jacques Perrin of Winged Migration spent eight years of his life on impossible quest: Oceans. $75 million — far too much for documentary. We have time to save the oceans, to respect the inherent dignity of the animals that live in the oceans. New filming techniques made it possible to move alongside the animals underwater. Nine-minute preview is pretty spectacular — hard to believe this footage isn’t computer-generated.

4. Yann Arthus-Bertrand, photographer

Carbon emissions in getting here to speak — my work is to show our impact on the planet. Examples of glaciers melting, coral dying, over-fishing…We don’t want to believe what we know. I always show my pictures in the street, next one will be in New York. But landscape is not enough. Sent cameramen around the world over five years asking same crucial question about life, did 5,000 interviews. Video matrix of hundreds of interviews with comments about life and love and regrets. “6 Billion Others” is the resulting project.

Teaser for movie he made — another beautiful nature documentary. “Our life is tied to the well-being of our planet.” “What binds us together is far greater than what divides us.” Home is the name, will be distributed free with no copyright on June 5, everybody can download it on the internet. “There’s no business on this movie.” “We have to believe what we know.” “It’s too late to be pessimistic.”

5. Matt Harding, online video star

80 countries now dancing badly, thousands of people to dance with me. 100 bajillion views. Same idea — flailing around in a way that feels natural.

In India learned how to do Bollywood dance, planted the seed of an idea of making another video where I would go around the world again and get organized groups of people to perform their dances with me. Would be like an old-fashioned MGM musical using the whole world as my stage. But couldn’t convince my girlfriend Melissa, who produces these videos, because she’s a real dancer — has been ballet dancing for over 20 years. For her applying choreography makes it a music video, it’s been done, we’ve seen this before. Also might reduce and trivialize cultures down to this one dance. Melissa came up with idea to get people to learn other people’s dances. The videos are about connecting people, reminding us of the basic tings we have in common.

I have a really good idea now, but not a plan. Haven’t a clue how to pay for it. Experiment: I want to teach everyone here two moves I learned in India.


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